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Councillor – Archibold Fouchard

April 1932

Mexborough and Swinton Times, April 22nd, 1932

Mr. Archibald Fouchard is a native of Chadderton, Lancs, but when four years old was taken by his parents to Wigan. At the age of 13 he commenced to work in a colliery. He qualified as a deputy and in 1913 came to Wath.

He settled at Bolton-on-Dearne two years later and in 1917 joined the Yorkshire Deputies’ Association. Four years afterwards he returned to the coal face, and from 1923 to 1928 was the Wath Main branch delegate of the Y.M.A. After several unsuccessful attempts he was elected to the Council in 1927. A year afterwards he was appointed chairman of the Public Health Committee a position he still holds.

In his first year he organised a successful Health Week, the first of its kind in the area. He represents the Council on the Wath Gas Board and the Dearne Valley Water Board, and is the present chairman of the District Education Sub-Committee.

He was elected to the County Council in 1928, and his work at Wakefield has been chiefly in connection with the Public Assistance and Highways Committees, but he is a member of the Finance Committee, the Public Health Committee, the Asylums Board, and various sub committees.

Mr. Fouchard is also a devoted worker of the Montagu Hospital, and represents the Wath Main miners on the Board of Management. He represents the hospital on the Sheffield Regional Committee of the British Hospitals’ Association.

As vice-chairman of Bolton U.D.C. last year, Mr. Fouchard, had to act as deputy for the chairman, Mr. T. Swift, almost throughout the year, owing to Mr. Swift’s ill-health.