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Council Chairman – James Guest

April 1932

Mexborough and Swinton Times, April 22nd, 1932

Mr James Guest was born at Roman Terrace, and educated at Roman Terrace school, leaving there to start work at Manvers Main when 14 years old.

Four years later he was injured in the pit, and on recovery decided not to return there.

He bought a horse and wagonette and entered the ‘bus business” travelling between Mexboro’ and Denaby. When the trams came along, he bought a motor vehicle and commenced running between Mexborough and Bolton till the Bolton Urban Council refused to grant a licence on the ground that the bridges on the route were unsafe for such traffic.  He transferred his service to between Woodlands and Bolton, but the trams put an end to that. He ran a service between Mansfield and Clipstone Camp.

On the outbreak of war, he joined the A.T.C. and was two years in France before he was discharged through wounds.

He returned to Mexboro’ and took part in the opening up of the business known as the Swinton Garage Engineering Company.  After three years he was dismissed for refusing to work on a Christmas Day.

He then went into the motor business on his own account and was successful.  Later he returned to the ‘bus business. Purchasing an old ‘bus, he plied between Warmsworth and Edlington.  He extended the service to Doncaster and inaugurated a return ticket system.  About ten years ago he started the Mexboro’ – Doncaster service, under the title of the Blue ‘Bus Service, extending it to link up Kilnhurst, Piccadilly and Barnburgh. In 1928 when he had fourteen ‘buses and 52 employees, he sold out to the Yorkshire Traction Company.

Two years later he built the Olympia Skating Rink in which he has staged many entertainment “stunts.”

His appointment to the chairmanship of Mexboro’ Urban Council after only three years’ service as a councillor constitutes a record.  For the last three years he has been chairman of the Allotment Committee; he is vice-chairman of the Chamber of Trade; a member of the Old Folks’ Treat Committee’ a guarantor of the Mexboro’ Football Club; a member of the Montagu Hospital “Rag” Committee and of the local Old Age Pensions Committee.  In his youth his hobby was weight-lifting.