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Common Property Potato Thieving in District

November 1932

South Yorkshire Times – Friday 25 November 1932

Common Property

Potato Thieving in Mexborough District

Irene Lester (26) married and a girl aged 15 both of Mexborough were placed under probation and ordered to pay costs at Doncaster on Saturday for stealing potatoes from the field of Wm. Bailey, Grange Farm.

Mr. Bailey said he found defendants putting the potatoes into sacks. The total weight stolen was 10 ½ stone.

Supt. Minty said it seemed that the public of the Mexboro’ district believed they had a right to take the potatoes, as farmers in the district had had a large number of people stealing them.

The defendants pleaded that they did not know they were doing anything wrong.

The Chairman (Mr. Mark Nokes): The farmer cannot have this loss. He has to make his farm pay.